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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

M a i n s t o r e

Brand New Store has JUST opened!!! We now have an actual [ M A I N S T O R E ], come visit this lovely fantasy area playing music from the talented Japanese Band Chouchou!!!!

Brand new Shape added this time a child addition comes with child and Pre teen shape can be foud
 [ H E R E ] or on SL Market here [H E R E]

Come visit us and stay tuned we will be adding some freebies and new items in store to celebrate the offical opening ^_^!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hot Revolver

Noticing the lack of male shapes for those stylish guys out there we came up with a SPECIAL edition shapes 3 shapes for the price of one!!!! Both designed for the pretty boy skin by Den Dou!!! So this is a wonderful time for those guys that like to be a little more on the stylish side instead of the huge muscle body builder shape, here is the perfect package for you!! ^_^!!!

Can Get the [ D E M O ] and the actual Shape can be found [H E R E]
Comes with:
❤ Arashii shape
❤ Haku Shape
❤Haku Taller
❤ 2 types of eyebrows
❤ Style card
(︶︹︺) Items are ☑Mod ☑Copy ☒No Trans

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Capcakes everywhere!!!

Out of the Kitchen of Dodie, after all the wonderful horrid attempts Bambi finally Managed to bake Cupcakes!!!! - without blowing up the store again- these wonderful amazingly detailed cupcakes are now up for sale, along with face frosting strawberry flavor!!!

Comes with all the colors in the picture! as well as the tattoo layer [ H E R E ] 50 L!!!!
Shape with style card for skin and hair can be found [ H E R E ]
Dress is FREE at :::Dimbula Rose::

Love in the Magical Forest

Valentines is over but two specials are still up, only 100 sets for Each [ P I N K ] and [ G R E Y ] for 100L!!!!!! This deal is only exclusive on SL Market all other colors are full price but don't let this offer go!

Two New Shapes have been added: and can be found [ IN WORLD ] and in the [ ONLINE SHOP ] ^_^!!!

Comes with and can be found [ H E R E ]
❤ Short Shape
❤ Taller Shape
❤ 2 types of eyebrows
❤ Style card with all items
Featured in the picture!!!
(︶︹︺) Items are ☑Mod ☑Copy ☒No Trans

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Momento Mori

A lovely male shape for those guys that don't like to look like body builders! straight from the Garden of Eden I Bring to you Momento More- Adam!!

Shape can be bought in world or [ H E R E ]
Demo can be bought
[ H E R E ]
Comes with:
❤ Reg Adam shape
❤ Taller version Shape
❤ 2 types of eyebrows
❤ Style card
(︶︹︺) Items are ☑Mod ☑Copy ☒No Trans

[ See in world!! ]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fantasy in the sky

Ever wanted a little forest get away, well here it is a fantasy forest in a mystical lighting with crystal clear water to dip your feet in! only 50L!!

{The Floating Forest}
►ONLY 10 prim!!!!
►Rezz box
►15x15x8 size
► Listed  [ H E R E ] as well as  [ In World ]-H E R E

M A I N S T O R E!!!!

F I N A L L Y!! We have a main store in world!!! [H E R E ] PLEASE come and take a look at the moment just setting up so no items in but save the LM ^_~

Giftie time!

So many updates in such a small amount of time ^^;; but once again a new item is placed! this time it's a ALMOST FREE yes 1L!!! what girl can not want a simple and adorable blush

Freebie Blush can be found [H E R E]

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Deer!

On a roll! two new updates, Deer tattoo now comes with two types [Bronzer and Blush] and an even better update! -Drum rolls- Our Deer set is OUT YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY the set came out better then I could ever hope for, With enough slave working of Dom the sculpting master we where able to get out the set

{Comes with} can be bought [ H E R E ]
►4 Different types of ears! 2 droppy {one with and woutout spots} And straight out ears also with and without spots option!
►Male and Female Hooves!
►Male and Female Tails
►Fur to skin layer {socks}
All Items are ☑Mod ☑Copy ☒No Trans

Cheap Dress

サンキュゥ♪(o ̄∇ ̄)/
Thank you for taking a look, A new Dress has been added called Mint and Honey. for only 50L! Just a simple dress you can wear anywhere anytime.

Shape sold here ⇨H E R E ]
Tattoo Deer Layer ⇨ [ H E R E ]
Dress ⇨ [ H E R E ]
Horns ⇨ Illusions
Hair ⇨ Junwave

UPDATE: Hooves, tail and ears have been finished but horns are being made right now! so our lovely Oh Deer set should be out soon! we do have an In world group
So if you are not one for Blogs and still want latest info please join the group, you may wish to join ether way for specials and group gifts!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Opened!

(*≧▽≦)オハツでっす♪ Nice to Meet you!!!
アリガトヨーヨー(*≧∇≦)/--------((礼))≧□≦)~☆グハッ Thank you for checking out this blog! and taking intrest in my store. A little backaround of
D O D I E  First off the designs are planned out and made by me *waves* Bambi 仲良し(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)だよ Though sculpting and some Builds are made by my amazing partner in Crime Dom Petrovic. He DOES do work besides this shop if you are intrested in knowing more about his builds please IM/ NC him in World. He is more then willing to slave away BWHAHAHA

Shape sold here ⇨[ H E R E ]
Skin by ⇨ Romi Skins
Hair by ⇨Lamb

Shape sold here ⇨[ H E R E ]
Tattoo Deer Layer ⇨ [ H E R E ]
Horns ⇨ Illusions & Rhiannon (riann.maltese)
Hooves⇨ Rhiannon (riann.maltese)
Elf Ears ⇨ Dom Petrovic

The Deer tattoo layer can go over any skin and works with all shades of skin, has also blush added on cheeks to give a sweet innocent look, Tail, Hooves, Ears and horns will be added for sale soon!
Keep checking back for special deals and updates!